• The water that is light on the environment

      LEVICO Water comes from a source at 1660 mt of altitude in the Alps of Trentino, located in a pristine and uncontaminated territory. Levico is a natural mineral water with a unique taste and it is classified as one of the lightest waters in Europe.

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    • Light and elegant as the most refined dining

      For professional foodservice Levico has created a bottle with an exclusive design inspired to the purity of white and of water. Bring all the purity of the mountains of the Italian Trentino region to the dining table.

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    • Discover what sustainable lightness means to us

      A completely renovated headquarter in compliance with the most advanced eco-friendly standards, energy saving production processes and the commitment to sustainability makes Levico a water that is light on the environment.

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    • Discover our Natural Fruit Beverages

      Lemon tea, Peach tea, Blood orange, Orange and carrot (ACE) and the amazing Apple Juice. Natural ingredients for a perfect mix of taste and lightness.

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    • Levico home-style soft drinks. The taste of Italian tradition

      Enjoy the taste of a refreshing and timeless tradition. The images of vintage toys on the new and playful labels of Levico home-style soft drinks remind us of the unforgettable taste of homemade drinks.

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    • Levico water-based cream. Purity meets cosmetics

      A line of cosmetics based on the pure water of the Italian Alps: face cream, body cream, hand cream, cleansing milk and toner that uses the properties of Levico water.

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