The organic choice. More health, more quality, more taste.

To go organic is an ethical choice for our well-being and that of our children. And also for the planet.


Our beverages contain only fruit and ingredients from certified organic cultivations. In addition to the quality of the product, we are convinced that going organic is first and foremost an ethical choice for the well-being of our families and our children, as well as helping the planet.

Why go organic?

  1. Organic food supports the planet: organic food production has existed for thousands of years and is a sustainable choice for the future. Industrial farming practices are harmful to the environment due to the widespread use of synthetic chemicals and have led to environmental damage in many areas around the world.
  2. Choosing organic food means supporting biodiversity, a fundamental aspect for the life of the planet. Unfortunately, non-organic food, obtained from high-yield monocultures, is already putting biodiversity in serious danger.
  3. Unlike products coming from mass industrial crops, organic products are not exposed to artificial maturation processes through the use of gas, such as, for example, in the case of bananas.
  4. Choosing organic means ensuring a more sustainable future for generations to come. Organic farming methods respect the earth and are careful not to waste the planet’s resources, starting from water, which is not polluted by pesticides that inevitably reach the groundwater through the soil.
  5. Organic agriculture, thanks to the exclusion of synthetic chemicals and the wise use of agronomic practices, has a strong potential for climate change mitigation, as it is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and seize large quantities of carbon in soils.
  6. Most organic food simply tastes better than regular food which is largely grown using pesticides.

Even everyday consumption choices can influence and can change the ways of mass production that are slowly impoverishing the soil and polluting the ground. Even when choosing a beverage.

Organic raw materials chosen by Levico Waters for its beverages


Levico organic beverages.

The perfect mix of
nature and taste.

Levico acqua minerale trentino certificati bio
Levico bibite

Levico Organic Beverages: the most natural way to drink sparkling water.

Only top quality fruit extracts and organically grown cane sugar are used- no artificial flavours or preservatives are added giving a balanced and natural flavour. Organic Levico Beverages, in 275cl format and exclusively in glass bottles, are the tastiest and most natural choice for a refreshing break or to accompany high quality quick meals. Bars and restaurants can count on these aromatic drinks to enhance the flavours of their dishes.

Discover the various flavours by clicking on the images.

Levico organic beverages - Aranciata 275 cl


Levico organic beverages - Chinotto 275 cl


Levico bibite aranciata rossa


Levico bibite cedrata


Levico organic beverages - Biocola 275cl


Mela Zenzero 275cl Levico organic beverages


Levico organic beverages - Limonata 275cl


Levico organic beverages - Melagrana 275cl


Bibite biologiche Levico - Te verde



From soft drinks to Slow Drink: Levico organic beverages meet the gourmet taste

A new way of drinking, being attentive to combinations and flavours, especially of organic origin.

The refined taste of Levico Organic Soft Drinks, thanks to the high quality organic ingredients, enhances the creativity of restaurants and sophisticated places. . It goes exquisitely well with good quality pizza, the new trends of the most refined street food and the increasingly widespread culture of the “gourmet” panino, based on the attention to flavour and high quality raw materials, especially of organic origin.

Whether it is regional food, a quality burger or a sandwich with fine ingredients, Levico Organic Beverages are an accompaniment capable of complementing or enhancing flavours, making drinking a full and satisfying experience.

This is why we have called them Slow Drinks: drink them slowly and you will discover all their qualities.

Hamburger gourmet in accostamento alle bibite biologiche Levico
Pizza gourmet in accostamento alle bibite biologiche Levico

Organic drinks as tested by the chef: Daniele Reponi’s perfect combinations

Levico bibite Daniele Reponi

Organic drinks as tested by the chef: Daniele Reponi’s perfect combinations


Who said that the Chinotto doesn’t go well with anchovies? Limonata with artichokes? Melagrana with prawns?
We asked Daniele Reponi, TV chef on “Prova del Cuoco”, to create a series of panini exclusively for Levico with unusual combinations using high quality ingredients, to go perfectly with the natural taste and the refined aromas of Levico Organic Beverages. Are you curious to find out what they are? Click on the tasty images below and discover a world of taste, which also offers a variety of vegan choices.

combination of Levico Aranciata with a burrata panino

Aranciata and burrata: the perfect pair

Capocollo, burrata, chicory: a panino that is a veritable explosion of flavours in harmony with each other, which Daniele Reponi has expressly prepared to be matched with Levico’s Organic Aranciata, with its unique and intact taste of the best organic oranges Just a match made in heaven – there’s nothing more to say.

Burrata di Andria
Levico Organic Aranciata

Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento gourmet Aranciata Levico e panino con burrata
Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento Chinotto Levico e panino con scamorza e acciughe
combination of Levico Chinotto anchovy panino

Anchovy and chinotto: a taste explosion

Caciotta, anchovies in oil, dried apricots, Piedmont hazelnuts: an unexpected and inviting panino, which Daniele Reponi has carefully designed to be paired with Levico Organic Chinotto, with its characteristic bittersweet aroma, enhanced by the choice of high quality raw materials. The panino which goes down with a bang.

Caciotta cheese
Anchovies in oil
Dried apricots
Hazelnuts from Piedmont
Levico Organic Chinotto

combination of Levico organic Biocola and Chianina beef

Cola: where the beef is

A spectacular carpaccio of Chianina beef, pepper cream, almond caramel flakes, extra virgin olive oil: a panino with a strong, unforgettable taste, created by Daniele Reponi for Levico BioCola, with a fresh and slightly aromatic taste. An experience never tried before.

Smoked Chianina beef carpaccio
Flakes of caramel with almonds
Pepper cream
Extra virgin olive oil
Biocola Levico

Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento gourmet Biocola Bio Levico e chianina
Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento Limonata Bio Levico e panino cotto e carciofi
Levico beverages limonata combination ham and anchovy

Limonata and prosciutto cotto

Steam-cooked prosciutto, artichokes in oil, Swiss Emmental, mustard: a great classic revisited to best express the different flavours and different textures, which Daniele Reponi reproposes in combination with Levico Organic Limonata, with an unmistakable taste in a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Steam-cooked prosciutto
Artichokes in oil
Swiss Emmental
Levico Organic Limonata

Levico beverages combinations melagrana and prawns

Pomegranate paired with prawns

Extremely fresh prawns, cabbage, mayonnaise, fresh pepper, enclosed in a fragrant, slightly warm baguette: a symphony of flavours that Daniele Reponi from the “Prova del Cuoco” orchestrated in combination with Levico Organic Melagrana, with its unmistakable sweet and sour notes. The panino which goes the extra mile.

Fresh pepper
Levico Organic Melagrana

Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento Melagrana Bio Levico e gamberetti
Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento gourmet Melazenzero Bio Levico e speck
Levico beverages combination melazenzero speck

Speck and ginger? I eat it, I drink it.

Speck, goats cheese with a flowered rind, raisins and walnuts: a panino inspired by Trentino, with a combination of harmonious flavours, which Daniele Reponi has expressly studied to enjoy with Levico Organic Melazenzero, with its refreshing and pleasantly spicy taste. Once you try it, you won’t drink anything else again.

Goats cheese with a flowered rind
Levico Organic Mela Zenzero

Levico beverages combination melagrana toast

Pomegranate loves vegan toasted sandwich.

Seared red radicchio, sweet and sour carrot and courgette julienne, almond and chickpea paste: a vegan toasted sandwich with a surprising combination of flavours, which Daniele Reponi invites you to taste together with Levico’s Organic Melagrana, with its unmistakable sweet and sour notes. Healthy vegan taste.

Red radicchio
Sweet and sour carrot and courgette Julienne
Almond and chickpea paste
Vegan toasted sandwich
Levico Organic Melagrana

Chef Reponi consiglia l'abbinamento vegano con Melagrana Bio Levico


The perfect mix between nature and taste


The perfect mix between nature and taste

For a refined botany, the ingredients must be strictly organic.

BioMix is the most natural novelty in the world of the most refined mixing. Even the most demanding bartenders and mixologists will love this blend of great sophistication and complex botany. . Using only 100% organic ingredients, without colourings and preservatives, it is available in a 200ml size.

BioMix Biotonic Water di Levico Acque per mixology e creazione di cocktail

Biotonic Water

A great classic produced by Levico in a new biological aspect that involves all the ingredients: from cane sugar of the “brown” type, 100% organic, to thenatural flavouring extracted from cinchona bark that gives an engaging and persistent bitter note, to the mix of different types of citrus fruits, up to the Very fine perlage. Every note of this drink is designed for bars which are attentive to the botany of the most refined mixing.

Ingredients: water, cane sugar*, carbon dioxide, acidifiers: citric acid, natural flavourings, natural flavour of cinchona bark. Contains quinine which is naturally present in cinchona bark.

*From organic farming.

Format 200ml

Nutritional declaration for 100ml
Energy 146 kJ / 34 kcal
Fats 0 g
of which:
Saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 8,1 g
of which:
Sugars 8,1 g
Proteins 0 g
Salt 0 g

Gintonic creato con Biotonic Water di Levico Acque
Levico bibite tonica mediterranea

Mediterranean Biotonic Water

The flavours of Laurel and Myrtle plants – of organic origin – enrich this special Tonic Water with the quintessentially botanical essence of Mediterranean aromas and flavours, which mingle with 100% organic “brown” cane sugar and the natural flavour extracted from cinchona bark to become the ideal choice for original and on trend mixology.

Ingredients: water, cane sugar*, carbon dioxide, natural flavourings of: aromatic plants, cinchona bark, citrus fruits; Acidifiers: citric acid. Contains quinine which is naturally present in cinchona bark.

*From organic farming.

Format 200ml

Nutritional declaration for 100ml
Energy 151 kJ / 36 kcal
Fats 0 g
of which:
Saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 8,2 g
of which:
Sugars 8,2 g
Proteins 0 g
Salt 0 g

Levico biomix mediterranean biotonic

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