At the restaurant and in the home, Levico water accompanies flavours,


Levico water comes from 4 pristine springs, Casara, Pozzo1, Sgrizzole and Bita Anna, among the conifer woods of the Valsugana, at 1660m in the Trentino Alps.

Bottled exclusively in glass by Levico Waters srl, it is destined for both the home and the HORECA sector – restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars – which are careful with regards to the quality of their raw materials. Our network of distributors, which you can find on this page, covers northern and central Italy.

Levico water is characterised by its pure lightness (discover its values), thanks to its very low mineral content and for its link with the territory, the Trentino, and in particular with the Valsugana. Collection and bottling take place with the utmost respect for the environment, thanks to the innovative zero-impact plant.
The company operates by virtue of the direct “mining concession transfer” obtained in April 2003 by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Quality that is controlled every day.

Every day the Levico Waters plant laboratory carries out an accurate chemical and microbiological analysis to ensure compliance with the parameters required by law. In addition, the company’s managers solicit the advice of an external specialist for further chemical analysis, which confirms the quality of the product.



  • Health authorisation and related documentation;
  • Safety data sheet of the products used for cleaning and disinfection;
  • Plan of the premises with reported production lines and storage rooms;
  • Self-checking cards – SR;
  • Results of microbiological analysis;
  • – Documentation varies according to the regulations of the establishments and the food industry

Certified quality.

Levico Waters wants to offer the consumer a superior quality product. In order to achieve this they have certified their buildings, processes and services. If you want to find out more, click here.

Do you want to know how to get Levico water? Click here or call the freephone number 800-259811