Water delivered to your home in glass bottles: more convenient, healthier, more sustainable.

Levico acqua a domicilio
Levico acqua a domicilio

Levico water can be delivered directly to your door thanks to the home delivery service. Distributed in 1 litre glass bottles, it is available as natural, sparkling and lightly sparkling.

Why order for your home?

Enjoy the pleasure of drinking pure spring water without making the slightest effort. The door-to-door service delivers the case of Levico water directly to your home, then collects the empty returnable glass bottles.

What is the container-deposit legislation?

It is a form of recycling that allows the glass to be given a new lease of life. In other words, the used glass bottles should not be thrown away with your recycling, but are instead returned to the distributor. After collecting them from your home, the latter returns them to the company who carries out thorough cleaning cycles and then reuses them. . It is a virtuous practice which has already been adopted in numerous geographical areas, such as Germany and the Scandinavian countries, as well as in some areas of Italy – Trentino-Alto Adige taking the lead.

What are the benefits of using glass bottles?

  • Healthier for the consumer
    Glass bottles maintain the purity of the water unchanged over time, without contamination;
  • More environmentally friendly
    Glass, unlike plastic, is 100% recyclable. Another helping hand to safeguard our planet and its seas;
  • More convenient
    The glass bottles are in fact collected from your home by the distributor.

If we have convinced you, and you want to help the planet, immediately find the distributor closest to you.