A certain effort. Rather, certified.

Levico Waters wanted to demonstrate its commitment by certifying its processes and services, to offer the consumer a superior quality product.

The certifications obtained by Levico Waters are:

Levico certificazione LEED

LEED 2009 Italy NC: a sustainable building from all points of view

Levico Waters has obtained the silver grade LEED 2009 Italy NC certification for its historic office building in Levico Terme. The building, thanks to the recent restructuring, has been evaluated as being highly eco-compatible and able to proceed in a sustainable and self-sufficient manner in terms of energy. Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widespread energy and sustainability certification standard in the world, developed in the United States and applied in over 60 countries for the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings from an environmental, social, economic and health point of view.

Levico certificazione BNeutral

ßNEUTRAL BIOS: zero impact

Thanks to the recent restructuring according to eco-sustainable principles, the Levico Waters factory is able to more than significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and this has earned it one of the most significant certifications in this field. Through the ßNEUTRAL standard, BIOS certifies CO2 emissions and the consequent reduction and compensation, which in the case of Levico Waters is 100% since 2014. Levico Waters are the first company in Trentino and first company in the sector to obtain such a significant certification.

Levico certificazione Alperia

Alperia: green choice

The energy that Levico Waters uses is 100% green. Green energy, supplied by the energy provider Alperia, comes exclusively from renewable sources and is produced in the hydroelectric plants of South Tyrol without the emission of CO₂. So we focus on eco-friendly energy production and actively contribute to protecting the environment for our customers and for our territory.

Levico certificazione CSQA ISO 9001

ISO 9001: certifies the business processes of Levico Waters so that they are aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation as well as customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001: commissioned by Levico Waters to demonstrate its concrete commitment to minimising the environmental impact of its processes, products and services and attesting to the reliability of the applied environmental management system.