Glass, a choice as pure and as transparent as water.


Glass, a choice as pure and as transparent as water.

Levico water is bottled exclusively in glass, the only material able to maintain its purity and superior quality.

It does not affect the taste of the water or affect its properties, and also has a reduced impact on the environment: glass is a homogeneous and inert material, which makes it the perfect choice for the perfect preservation of food and drinks. This is precisely why Levico Waters chose it for its water.

Glass is transparent like water, and like Levico’s values. . An effective solution for the environment – in contrast with plastic – which presents a risk of contamination and takes several centuries to degrade. The returnable glass bottles, in particular, are reusable up to 30 times and 100% recyclable.

Those who drink Levico water have respect for the environment and their own health. Find out where to find us.

Returnable glass makes it possible to use less resources and less energy, producing even less waste.

Returnable glass: a good habit that is kind to the planet

Levico has always bottled its light mineral water exclusively in glass bottles , – a high quality choice which is also environmentally friendly. In particular, we have embraced the returnable glass philosophy, a practice which is already widespread in many countries. 100% infinitely recyclable, these bottles can also be reused up to 30 times before being recycled due to use. Choosing glass wastes less resources and less energy, producing even less waste.

In fact, every year over 30 million tons of solid urban waste are produced in Italy. Over half is represented by packaging and a good part of this is from plastic bottles. The reasons are easily understood: plastic is lighter, cheaper and easier to throw away. But the disadvantages cannot be ignored: if released into the environment – the oceans in particular – it causes serious damage to the ecosystems because it can take up to 500 years before decomposing completely.

Using returnable glass bottles for the distribution of Levico water aims to guarantee a better future for our planet, in line with our values.

Cassa di sei bottiglie di acqua minerale Levico in vetro a rendere

The convenient and elegant six-litre bottle basket for home use.