Benefit Corporation

Benefit Corporation is the legal status introduced by Italian Law no. 208 of 28 December 2015 (the 2016 Stability Law), sole article, paragraphs 376 to 386, which is inspired by the American and international experience of Benefit Corporations and B-Corps and outlines the characteristics of this type of company within the Italian civil system.

Benefit Corporations (BCs) represent an evolution in the very concept of a business. Indeed, while traditional companies exist for the sole purpose of distributing dividends to shareholders, Benefit Corporations express a more advanced paradigm: their business purpose includes not only profit but also having a positive impact on society and the biosphere. A Benefit Corporation is a new business model which provides a solid basis for achieving a company’s vision and creating value, by generating impact.

Levico Acque became a Benefit Corporation in October 2020 and therefore pursues specific common interest goals:

  • to preserve the raw material water as an essential element for life, high-quality nutrition, health and mental and physical well-being;
  • to reduce environmental impact and continue to be a company with a positive environmental footprint by improving production process efficiency, using sustainable materials and resources, and investing in expertise and technology;
  • to create a positive working environment in which co-workers’ well-being, professional development and job satisfaction are key and tangible elements;
  • to promote a new social role for the business as a player actively contributing to the development and well-being of the community in which it operates, in the knowledge that relationships are one of the Company’s core values and must therefore be cultivated with all stakeholders;
  • to develop virtuous production models based on genuine, transparent, honest relationships oriented towards shared value creation;
  • to become an organisation that innovates, inspires and contributes to the development of regenerative economic models, also by listening to its stakeholders.

The common interest goals described above aim to create value, both economic and otherwise, to be given back to the local area that home to the Company, ensuring rewarding business relationships with its employees and partners, promoting the development and well-being of the local communities and minimising the environmental impact of its processes.

Our commitment is to make our business performance and impact measurement converge, for the next reporting cycle, in a single reporting tool, which today expresses this result:

Levico Acque valutazione di impatto