Vision, mission, values

Levico Acque’s business model is based on the values at the heart of the Franzoni family – Margherita, Marili and Mauro, who play guiding and monitoring roles, supported, where necessary, by consultants and/or professionals – which has always believed that development of in-house professional expertise is the best resource to cultivate in order to make the Company an independent organism with capacity for prestige and operational continuity even without the constant presence of the owners.

This model is based on the following Values:

Consistency of actions

Acting consistently and resolutely, putting plans into practice, demonstrating determination in achievement of objectives and in practical commitment, and promoting and protecting our values even when this comes at a cost at company and personal level.

Cultivation of genuine relationships

Both internally and externally, involving those who work with the Company. Working as a team to achieve economic and other targets. Communicating honestly and clearly with stakeholders in accordance with the principles of truth and transparency.


Actions expressing respect for values, people, the environment, raw materials, resources and everything that contributes to creating the product.

Equity and equilibrium

Operating in a fair and balanced way, taking care of the environment, the community and the common good.

Levico Acque, through its water and its market offering, wishes to send a clear message, mobilising the positive energy of those who believe that more responsible lifestyles and choices are the only way to save our planet. And ourselves.
These sound values give provide the foundations for our Vision: to become a landmark and a virtuous business model which, by taking care of the environment and the community we live in, sustains itself and the world. To be champions of change and players in a regenerative economy capable of leaving a positive and lasting mark by creating not only economic value but also social and environmental value.


Massimo Folador of Askesis interviewing Mauro Franzoni, Chairman of Levico Acque Srl BC, April 2020