Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics sets out all the Company’s duties and ethical responsibilities in conducting its business affairs and its corporate activities in general. Its purpose is to reduce the risks arising from conducting corporate activities. A code of ethics is necessary since unethical behaviour compromises the relationship of trust between a company and its co-workers, its stakeholders and the components of its value chain, promoting hostile attitudes towards the company and behaviour that would jeopardise the integrity of the organisation itself.

The core values to which our Code of Ethics refers may be summarised as follows:


For people, institutions and the environment. In our work, it translates into respect for company standards, regulations and resources that support the common good.

Honesty, transparency and legality

Compliance with the regulatory requirements that govern the running of corporate activities forms the essential basis for the business.

Environmental responsibility

The Company pays the utmost attention to environmental issues, aiming, indeed, to achieve maximum sustainability in its activities and a positive environmental impact.

Meritocracy and equity

Levico Acque recognises the fundamental importance of the human resources operating within it and promotes professional and individual growth, always rewarding commitment, perseverance and dedication.

Safety and prevention

The Company is constantly and directly committed to ensuring the maximum safety of its working environments in order to safeguard its employees and any external parties accessing them for any reason.

Levico Acque codice etico