Integrated Report 2020

This first edition of our Integrated Report examines the actions we at Levico take to create value, the objectives we have set ourselves and the strategies we have implemented to ensure that the process of value creation continues over time, also identifying the organisation’s most significant achievements in terms of creating value.

The Report identifies the moment when we decided to become a Benefit Corporation and officially players in a regenerative economy in which we work at the forefront as champions of change.

This means taking concrete actions affirming our vision through which we are committed to becoming a landmark for those who believe in the urgent need to care for the environment and communities.

All this was made possible by an extraordinary team which has always believed in and embraced our company values, generating the cultural change that is essential in order to make the values we believe in a lasting reality. The genuine relationships, based on respect, equity and equilibrium, with which we interact with all our stakeholders have also played a key role.

This first Report is a starting point which will enable us to keep improving, as it will serve to remind us of where we were today.